Premier Pavement Solutions, a leading authority in the pavement maintenance industry, specializes in a comprehensive range of asphalt related services. Our offerings include sealcoating, crack filling, infrared patching, striping, marking, and other pavement solutions throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. With over 30 years of experience, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch pavement solutions to businesses of all types, from manufacturers and retailers to restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, and residential properties.

As we concentrate our efforts on the New Milford, IL area and beyond, it’s crucial to recognize the defining characteristics of this location. New Milford, with its population of approximately 700 residents, is a close-knit community that values quality service and maintenance. The presence of the picturesque Rock Cut State Park, a local landmark spanning over 3,000 acres, underscores the region’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities. With such a vibrant community and scenic attractions, Premier Pavement Solutions aims to enhance the beauty of New Milford and its neighboring areas.

When it comes to commercial sealcoating, Premier Pavement Solutions is your trusted partner. We use only the highest quality sealcoating products, including SealMaster, which is recognized as the #1 sealcoating product in the US. Our team’s expertise ensures that every commercial sealcoating project is completed to perfection, extending the life of your pavement, enhancing its appearance, and protecting it from the harsh elements. We understand that maintaining a professional image is essential for businesses in New Milford, IL. Therefore, we are proud to offer our specialized commercial sealcoating services to ensure your property makes a lasting impression on your clients and customers. When it comes to premier pavement solutions in New Milford and beyond, count on us to get the job done right the first time.

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